Tuscan Sun (Strawberry - Mango White Tea) 114

Are you ready to take in the sights of a rolling green countryside and bathe in the golden light of the Tuscan sun? We have your Italian getaway planned for you, right down to the flavor. The base of this Tuscan Sun blend is a fantastic white tea from the Fujian province of China, beautifully mixed with olive leaves grown in the lush vegetation of Italy, where stretches of orchards pave the way for this distinctive tea to be enjoyed. The delicate sweetness of carefully selected white tea is wrapped with the mellow essence of olive leaves, a hint of juicy sweet strawberry and mango, and a toss of camomile and sunflower blooms.

  • Ingredients: White tea, Apple bits, Flavourings, Santal, Camomile blossoms, Raspberry bits, Sunflower blossoms.

2 tsp
2-4 min

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Tuscan Sun (Strawberry - Mango White Tea) 114.



I ordered 100 g of this tea as I am a big fan of white teas and this blend seemed very exquisite to me. I can taste the tea base, but the mango clearly shines through. It's subtle but with a definite flavor of it's own. The fruit is a wonderful addition as well, not being too overpowering, but yet very noticeable

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    Tuscan Sun (Strawberry - Mango White Tea) 114

    Tuscan Sun (Strawberry - Mango White Tea) 114

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