Strawberry Champagne (Green Tea) 052

If you feel like celebrating try this fancy Strawberry Champagne green tea that will make you feel special. Capture an unique flavor resembling the taste of a fine champagne adorned with the intense sweetness of ripe strawberries for an everyday pampering that you could definitely get used to. The grassy flavor of a high quality green tea is harmonically mixed up with a mildly delicate white tea. Subtle mallow blossoms and delicious sliced strawberries round out this extravagant flavor that will have you dreaming of the finer things in life. You don’t have to look far to get luxury: cheers to a divine, indulgent tea!

  • Ingredients: Green Tea, White Tea, Flavourings, Mallow blossoms, Pink pepper kernels, Strawberry slices, Rose buds.

1 tsp
2-3 min

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Strawberry Champagne (Green Tea) 052.

Yngve Hauge

Everything about this blend is amazing.

This blend of tea is an amazing experience to drink. Just the smell from both the leaves alone and finished steeped tea is worth it, and then there is the drinking experience itself. Personally I prefer the tea to be steeped at 70C for 2 mins as the leaves are quite delicate. Highly recommended!

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    Strawberry Champagne (Green Tea) 052

    Strawberry Champagne (Green Tea) 052

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