Silver Needle (China White Tea) 037

For the aristocratic side of you, this tea is the culmination of elegance. For centuries, white teas were the privilege of Chinese elite, who treasured them for their lovely aroma and delicate sweetness. The harvest season for this Silver Needle white tea is incredibly brief: only a handful of days, which makes this a special rare tea. Particularly large and succulent buds offer a fragrant infusion with a velvety soft and delicate flavour paired with with a pale ivory-colour. Not only will this Silver Needle tea intrigue and surprise you at every stage of the experience, it will also increase your health and vitality with its plentiful antioxidants. Soft, floral and slightly sweet, this tea is an enchanting experience perfectly handcrafted for your sophisticated moments.

  • Ingredients: White Tea

1.5 tsp
3-6 min

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Silver Needle (China White Tea) 037.


A delicate tea

This was one of the first high-end teas I tried. There is something comforting about the gentle, smooth, almost sweet flavor of this tea. And the white cartoon tins are so lovely! I also got 3 free samples that I can't wait to try and some very cute coasters. I'm falling in love with Rivertea, they really know how to make a client happy!

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    Silver Needle (China White Tea) 037

    Silver Needle (China White Tea) 037

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