Marquis de Gris (Mango, Bergamot Black Tea) 097

You’ve been there...You know how it feels when you’re stuck at the office during those summer days when vacation is’re counting the days ‘till summer holiday. This Marquis de Gris black tea will ease your waiting! The perfect balance between carefully selected fine black tea and the juicy mango and bergamot flavors is the one that gives this tea its distinct, unique character. The citrus bergamot oil gives this blend a nice, sharp taste and a delightful, intense aroma. Adding sunflower and cornflower blossoms to the delicious mango notes offers a soft and delicate touch to this natural black tea treat.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Sunflower blossoms, Flavouring, Rose blossom leaves, Cornflower blossoms, Natural flavouring.

1 tsp
3-4 min

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Behind the Scenes

Discover the story of
Marquis de Gris (Mango, Bergamot Black Tea) 097.

Judith G


When I opened the box from you, it felt like I was opening a present. The
pretty folded paper with a sticker, the felt leaf in a bag (what is that
leaf for anyway?) The samples that were sent felt hand picked, as if
someone noticed what I had ordered and picked similar things that I might
like. I even love the containers the tea comes in. Really it was such a
knockout initial impression!

Then I just made my first cup of tea (Marquis de Gris). It's lovely! I love
the mango flavor, and it doesn't have a fake taste at all like so many
mango teas. I can't wait to taste the others.

Excellent job, I will definitely be a repeat customer.


    I'm your fan

    This is the first tea I got from Rivertea and I drink it daily. I just love the taste it leaves on your tongue after you sip it. Very fruity and flavorful. A very nice tea and overall an amazing experience with Rivertea. I love the white tins...oh, and they sent me a little suprize nicely packed :) I definitely become a fan!

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      Marquis de Gris (Mango, Bergamot Black Tea) 097

      Marquis de Gris (Mango, Bergamot Black Tea) 097

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