Gyokuro (Japan Green Tea) 024

This Japanese Gyokuro is a “diamond in the rough” green tea that will stir some intensity into your daily tea time. It has an elegant, subtle, yet strong flavor with a touch of sweetness. About two weeks before the harvest the tea bushes are covered with bamboo mats. Now the "shadow tea" develops a distinctly higher caffeine content, antioxidants and other nutrients that make this such a valuable tea. It is one of the few Japanese teas still plucked by hand. Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese tea available on the market. So don't wait for some day...enjoy today the best tea there is.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea

1 tsp
2-3 min

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Gyokuro (Japan Green Tea) 024.

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    Gyokuro (Japan Green Tea) 024

    Gyokuro (Japan Green Tea) 024

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