Golden Himalaya (Nepal Black Tea) 011

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the invigorating, empowering climb to the very top of the towering Himalayan mountains, the feel of dancing high among the clouds. Himalaya Black tea’s fruitiness is sure to give you the same intense feeling of refreshment and inner well-being, while energizing you just as much as any mountain trek. An airy, fresh, aromatic composition is produced in small amounts in Nepalese tea gardens. With a mouth-filling body that only a high altitude-grown tea can have, this tea is perfect for those who enjoy a black tea with no astringency. Nepal teas are grown at such high altitude that the growing season is brief, and the leaf does not have the ability to become harsh or bitter.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea

1 tsp
2-4 min

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Golden Himalaya (Nepal Black Tea) 011.

Marcy D.

My new “go to” tea!

I`ve been drinking black tea for a long time now and I must say this tea turned out to be a nice surprise. It`s fragrant, clean and strong (just the way I like it). It seems a high quality tea and its smell in the morning is so comforting. 1 teaspoon per cup will surely wake you up. All in all it`s a very nice tea, way beyond other brands I`ve tried.

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    Golden Himalaya (Nepal Black Tea) 011

    Golden Himalaya (Nepal Black Tea) 011

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