Exotic Breakfast (Kiwi, Papaya Black Tea) 101

Are you bored of the same old, classic, everyday breakfast? What about a tropical, exotic one instead? If you’re in for the change, try this Exotic Breakfast Black Tea that perfectly captures the aroma of juicy, sun-ripened kiwi and papaya fruits and gives you a boost of energy to dance through the day. Strong, earthy black tea is flawlessly mixed with mild, grassy green tea to create a base that perfectly embraces the dazzling kiwi and sultanas flavor. You’ll love breathing in over and over again the tempting, delightful fruit tart smell; such a tasty way to start a new day! The bright coppery infusion hiding a fuzzy fruit mix is sweet, yet mild, and tickles your senses with the dream of a tropical vacation.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Green Tea, Kiwi wedges, Sultanas, Papaya bits, Flavourings, Cornflower blossoms.

1 tsp
3-4 min

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Exotic Breakfast (Kiwi, Papaya Black Tea) 101.


Very excited!!

I haven't tried so far a black tea and green tea blend. I really like this mix! The black tea is very well dosed and the kiwi aroma makes it so delicious. The tea looks really nice, with big chunks of kiwi, and the smell is fantastic! Oh, and the packaging...beautiful white tins, carefully packed, with my name on nice sticker saying "for a happier Vanessa"...I'm so excited, I can't wait to order some more!!

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    Exotic Breakfast (Kiwi, Papaya Black Tea) 101

    Exotic Breakfast (Kiwi, Papaya Black Tea) 101

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