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Christmas Tea Party Ideas

Christmas Tea Party Ideas

| On 23, Dec 2013


Christmas bell tea cupWhat do Christmas and the tea ceremony have in common? They both mark a time when you’re supposed to pause, breathe, forget about all problems and worries and dwell in joy.

A cup of red tea can nicely complement the green branches of the Christmas tree, and the strong taste of black tea goes perfectly with the richness and sweetness of black chocolate Santa brownies.

Preparing a themed Christmas tea party is a unique experience, as it helps you connect with the aesthetic and embrace the spirit of Christmas, it inspires you and nurtures your mind and spirit.

Still, it can be quite overwhelming if it’s the first time you’re doing it, so you might want to put everything on paper before actually starting with the decorations, cookies and shopping for presents.

Given below is a list of ideas or To Do’s for a memorable Christmas tea party, but please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.

1. The decorations

Maybe you won’t be able to turn your place into Santa’s holiday house, but you can create a typical décor with only a few items.

Create a joyful background with Christmas carols, they’ll turn the preparation process into a more enjoyable one. You can continue playing your favorite tunes after your guests arrive, but make sure to opt for songs that will put everyone in a good mood and create a festive ambiance, not a melancholic one.

Decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments that fit the tones of your furniture, for a harmonious aspect. You can also go with bold colors, but in this case the rest of your decorations should be as simple as possible.

Tea Christmas tree decorations


Choose a tablecloth in Christmas colors and add a themed centerpiece, as well as some paper napkins with winter decorations. For the centerpiece, you can opt for a large wreath with candles or for some small present boxes, nicely arranged in the middle of the table. If you don’t have enough space for these, forget about the centerpiece and opt for themed napkin rings or Christmas glass ornaments.

Christmas party table


Avoid using motif plates if the tablecloth is already very colorful. Instead, opt for white dishes and attach some large red ribbons on the back of the chairs. In case you prefer using Christmas-themed dishes and teacups, opt for a white tablecloth, as this will visually balance the décor.

Christmas flowers in red or white can make an excellent addition to your living room, and can be used as centerpieces as well. Still, make sure there’s enough place for the dishes if you’re placing the flowers on the table, and avoid too complicated arrangements – they’ll make the table look very crowded.  Also, avoid placing the flowers on the ground or in places that are easily accessible, if you or your guests have kids or pets.

As for candles, opt for fragrance-free items, in colors that match the decorations used for the Christmas tree. Make sure to secure the candles incorporated in the centerpieces, to avoid unwanted events, and if you prefer scented products, opt for mild and delicate aromas. Spice-scented candles can be a good choice as long as your guests aren’t too picky about this aspect.

Christmas tea party ideas


Tea cups made of sturdy paper work nicely as decorations for the tree, if you’re preparing a tea-themed Christmas party. You can also create a tea-serving area by placing chairs in a circle, around a small tea table, and adding some red ribbons, paper snowflakes and themed tea mugs.

2. The cookies

For a tea party, nothing works better than homemade cookies, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves here.

Cookie trayChristmas swirl cookiesChristmas linzer biscuits

Make sure to buy different teas, to please all tastes, and to group the cookies and teas in a way that will tell your guests which beverage goes best with each dessert. Mild teas, such as white or yellow tea for example, make a perfect team with lightly flavored dishes, while stronger teas, such as black or pu-erh, can be served with creamier foods and desserts.

3. The presents

Teacup ChristmasIt’s a Christmas tea party, so you probably plan offering your guests some nice tea mugs or assortments. This is a nice idea, but it can easily turn into a boring one, so make sure to get creative with the wrapping style or opt for some innovative gifts, such as personalized tea bags or tins, vintage tea infusers, mini tea sets, handmade tea sachets or sockets, or other fabulous tea party favors that match the Christmas theme. Teabag holders and handmade Christmas stockings filled with tea bags are also nice ideas.

4. The activities

If you’ll be playing Santa this year, get dressed accordingly and remember that a party is supposed to be fun, entertaining and enjoyable for all your guests, regardless of their age. Although the main activity in a tea party is the conversations, kids may not enjoy this very much, so make sure to prepare a separate area for them.

DIY ornaments, cupcakes ready to be decorated, Christmas movies, tea-inspired coloring sheets, items for creating edible jewelries or Victorian fans decorated with Christmas motifs can all make great choices for your younger guests.

As for adults, some entertaining activities include: table games, gift exchange – make sure to specify all gifts have to be associated with tea, or games that involve guessing the tea’s name or type, creating words that start or end in “tea” and so on. Preparing a gingerbread house can also be fun, and you’ll get a delicious dessert as well.

Regardless of the decorations and games you choose, remember that Christmas is a time to spread love, joy and kindness, so make sure to add these ingredients to your themed Christmas tea party as well!