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5 Reasons to Replace Your Morning Coffee with Tea

5 Reasons to Replace Your Morning Coffee with Tea
Carmen Rotaru

Coffee and tea represent a morning ritual for a lot of people. But coffee isn’t at all healthy; it’s a habit that causes addiction and can enhance the development of certain diseases. Here are 5 reasons to change your morning ritual and replace coffee with tea.

The comparison between coffee and tea goes a long way back. There are many scientific studies which trace the effects of coffee and tea over the body and very much research has been dedicated to comparing the two beverages the world seems addicted to, coffee and tea.

For instance, the researchers from Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Utrecht, Netherlands made a study in 2010 comparing the two beverages and their effects on the cardiovascular system. They concluded that coffee and tea drinkers may be protected from heart disease if they consumed the beverages with moderation. The interesting part is that tea proved to be much more effective than coffee, featuring a higher percentage ( 45% to 20%)  in the case studies concerning the protection of the cardiovascular system.

Check out the top 5 reasons to stop drinking coffee and replace it with tea. I hope they will be convincing enough to make you at least try to develop a healthy tea routine.

#1 Tea contains less caffeine than coffee does, which makes it a healthier beverage.

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine, but in different amounts of course. Here below you can find the different types of teas and coffee put face to face in a table for you to better understand the differences between them, regarding the caffeine compound.


Caffeine Per Cup


150-200 mg

Green Tea

35-70 mg

White Tea

30-55 mg

Oolong Tea

50-75 mg

Black Tea

60-90 mg

So coffee contains with 60 mg more caffeine than the most caffeinated tea. This conclusion makes tea much safer than coffee, even during pregnancy or breast feeding. If you have heart problems or blood pressure issues you can also drink tea, choosing a tea variety which is less caffeinated. Of course, tea must be consumed with moderation, not more than five cups per day, because of the caffeine compound. If you want to quit caffeine for good, than I suggest you try any herbal teas, blends or the rooibos tea which has zero caffeine.

#2 Tea brings real health benefits

The health benefits of tea are recognized by the researchers, while coffee has proven to be less efficient in this matter. All teas come from one plant known generally as the tea plant and Camellia Sinensis for botanists.

All teas extracted from this amazing plant which originated in China are extremely rich in polyphenols which represent a type of antioxidant, and catechins, a special type of polyphenols believed to be responsible for fighting with cancer. These amazing natural nutrients search for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and detoxify them. Recent studies have even proven that black tea is 10 times richer in antioxidants compared to fruits and vegetables are. Amazing how drinking tea can even replace the salads for those of you who aren’t fans of veggies.


These antioxidants are bringing to the tea drinker some amazing health benefits like protection against heart disease, skin issues, ostheoporsis, diabetes, artheroslerozis, Parkinsons, protect the teeth against infections and decay and fight against aging.

Coffee also contains antioxidants but during the process of roasting an important part of them are lost, thus coffee is much less efficient than tea when it comes to health related problems or protection.

# 3 Tea can help you lose weight

Indeed tea is known for hundreds of years to be an important aid when it comes to weight loss. We all would like to lose a few extra kilos so tea is recomended for those of you who want to start a diet or simply enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The chemical composition in teas, caffeine and polymerized polyphenols are responsible with the much needed help in the losing weight attempt. These compounds in tea have an important contribution in tea’s effect  on blocking the absorption of fats and carbohydrates which of course means weight loss. What is more interesting is that tea doesn’t contain at all calories, unless you chose to use some sweeteners and milk. So, when it comes to weight loss you can indulge in as much tea as you want. It’s calories free!

On the other hand, coffee is very controversial when it comes to weight loss. Some nutritionists and researchers say that it can be an important aid for those of you planning to lose those extra kilos, while others say that it can be detrimental to a weight loss plan. There are some nutrionists who start their pacients’ diet plan with the strict interdiction of coffee consuming. Coffee has a low quantity of calories, 2 per cup, if consumed plain. However the everyday coffee products such as lattes, espressos and so on are calory bombs which contain as much as 800 calories.

# 4 Tea is always amazing and flavorous, never boring

It is true there are many varieties of coffee and I certainly don’t argue about its taste and flavor, but have you ever thought that there are as many, maybe more varities of teas, each with its specific flavors, taste and preparation style?

There are those basic varieties of green tea which is unfermented tea, white and oolong tea which are semifermented, black tea which is fermented and pu-erh tea which is postfermented. These varities feature many varities on their turn and, also,  blends depending on the area and style of production. We can enjoy Indian teas, Chinese, Japonese, Indonesian, Ceylon and so on, each with its own flavor and taste. You will never get bored of teas because every day you can try at least one different sortiment.


The interesting and delicious part about teas is that we can actually mix and match different types of teas. This doesn’t stop here as we can even make a combination of tea with spices or other plants. The most popular tea blends in the world are mostly English creations and are in fact black tea blends, such as Earl Grey Blend which features a highly distinctive aroma or English Breakfast known to be full-bodied and rich.

# 5 Tea is an energy booster

Afraid that tea will not give you the same boost as coffee does in the mornings? Tea can actually provide you with the same alertness as coffee because of the cafeine component also found in tea.

There is also a difference in the way caffeine from tea affects your metabolism compared to the way caffeine in coffee does. The other chemical compounds in coffee and tea, besides caffeine, can either enhance, in coffee’s case, or mute, in tea’s case, the effects of caffeine. The effect of caffeine in tea usually takes longer to enter the blood stream than coffee therefore, seems gentler to the system. The caffeine in coffee is sometimes associated with a lift followed by a letdown. The effects of the caffeine in coffee are immediate and sometimes arouse feelings of anxiety known as “coffee jitters”.

The polyphenols in tea make the body absorb caffeine differently, over a longer period of time. So, while you might have to stop drinking coffee by noon to avoid sleep problems, you probably can go on drinking tea the rest of the day with no sleeping related effects and still enjoy the energy boost which in  tea’ case lasts longer because caffeine is absorbed gradually, over a long period of time.

In my opinion tea offers much more benefits than coffee on so many levels. Tea routine is a must for those of you who want to have a healthy lifestyle, while coffee becomes an interdiction in many diets. At the end, it’s your own choice, but it is always useful to find out that there are so many healthy alternatives to coffee. Remember that tea features numerous varieties for you to choose from.

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