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5 Books about Tea

| On 16, Jul 2013

There’s nothing better than to relax with a cup of hot tea and a good book. It sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon, doesn’t it? How about enjoying a book about tea? Don’t worry, you can still drink from your cup while reading.


We’re proposing a list of 5 books about your favorite beverage that will take you on a wonderful journey into the world of tea and turn you into an expert (even more so then you are now). Take your pick or read them all, but we guarantee you will fall in love with tea all over again.


1. The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J.Heiss


Whichever tea is your favorite, wether it’s a delicious green tea or a strong black one, it’s not just about the beverage. Beyond that steaming cup of sweetness lies history, tradition and ceremonies from the far away lands of misterious Asia to the heritage of modern Europe. The story of tea as described by Mary Lou Heiss begins with a journey from China where the first tea plantations flourished, to the Buddhist temples of Japan, continuing with the tea gardens in India and passing on to Europe, as well as offers an insight of the tea trade market.

This book will take all around the world teaching you how to pick out and drink this beverage. You’ll also find a guide on tea varieties, tasting and some wonderful recipes which include it as a main ingredient.

2. Tea by Lydia Gautier and Jean-François Maliet


Have you ever thought about the voyage that the tea leaves go through until they arrive in your kettle? You’ll find out after reading Lydia Gautier’s and Jean-François Maliet’s story. This book follows the trade routes of the tea leaf beginning with its origins in China and Japan and ending with the Western tea drinking ways such as the British afternoon tea.

In addition, you’ll get a practical guide describing the best temperature of water and measurements for making the perfect cup of tea. The book also includes 32 tea profiles and delicious recipes that you can make using your favorite blend.

 3. Tea in the East: Tea Habits along The Tea Route by Carole Manchester


Carole Manchester, who is also the author of “French Tea”, invites you in a delicious journey through Asia to the first tea producing countries starting with China and Japan and continuing with India and Sri Lanka. The book is richly illustrated displaying ceremonies and exotic settings, but also showing the pure and spiritual aspect of the Eastern tea practice. 

In that part of the world, tea is truly a spectacle of elegance, grace, gentle choreography and ornamental beauty. The author also speaks about how the tea ware industry has developed. In China, inspired craftsmen create  exquisite porcelain and ceramic pots, while in Japan the artisans create simple tea bowls, whisks, trays and boxes and in India teacups are made of silver.

4. The Book of Tea (Book Of…) by Alain Stella, Anthony Burgess, Catherine Donzel, Giles Brochard, Nadine Beautheac


This book represents both a reference book for tea lovers and a travel guide to the regions responsible for the production of tea, including Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa. For a tea enthusiast it will be a delight to admire the rich visuals and also the descriptive and thorough manner that the books is written in.

“The Book of Tea” provides a comprehensive history and background of the beloved and always interesting ritual of tea, providing photographed accounts of teatime and capturing the various tastes and nuances of blends from around the world.

5. The Book of Tea by Kakuzō Okakura


Kakuzō Okakura is a japanese philosopher, art expert and curator and is recognised as one of the great thinkers of the 20th century. His volume, written in 1906, contains a rich history of tea and a powerful insight on teatime, ceremonies and history in Japan, as well as a poignant commentary on Eastern culture.

In addition, the book features illuminating essays on art, spirituality, poetry, and more. “The Book of Tea” is a delightful cup of enlightenment from a man far ahead of his time.


You will certainly appreciate these books the same way you appreciate the blends of tea they are writtern about. And to make things more interesting, help us complete the list with other interesting and insighful publications you have browsed. What titles do you have for us?



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