Assam Beast of the East (Black Tea) 005

Picture, if you will, the vast plains and dense rain forests of India - a land that weathers the most persistent heat and survives unimaginably torrential thunderstorms. As you would imagine, a land such as this also produces the most full-bodied, flavourful and rich tea there is available. This Assam black tea has an assertive, slightly malty flavor. It’s a fine breakfast tea due to its brisk wake-me-up flavor and it goes well with milk or lemon.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea

1 tsp
3-4 min

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Assam Beast of the East (Black Tea) 005.

Alex D

Goodbye Coffee

I`ve been looking for a while for the perfect black tea to replace my daily morning coffee and this is definitely it! Black, strong, energizing and all natural. I love it!!

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    Assam Beast of the East (Black Tea) 005

    Assam Beast of the East (Black Tea) 005

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