The Tea of Kings (Lychee Black Tea) 017

Are you looking for a tea regal enough to be worthy of the delicate embrace of your finest china cups? This Lychee black tea is a delightful, refreshing blend from the distant Congou region of China. Your first, intense sip will fill your senses with the succulent flavour of Lychee - the most revered fruit by many Chinese Emperors. Take another sip and you will unlock an entirely new level of flavours, the sharp, enlivening lichee now being caressed by fruity tones of grape, and the sweet, fragrant essence of roses. This black tea called “The tea of kings” is not a cup that can be hastily consumed - it demands respect and attention, and is an experience worth taking the time to get right. Treat yourself to some well deserved time out and add a touch of regality to your day with this fruity, complex delight.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Lychee flavouring

1 tsp
3-4 min

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The Tea of Kings (Lychee Black Tea) 017.


My cup of tea!

You cannot just drink this tea, you have to enjoy it!! I just love this magic duo. The dry leaf smells unmistakable like lychees – fresh and fruity. And the packaging is so cuuute, awww!! It was my first order with Rivertea and I'm already eager to try some more teas I saved in my wishlist.

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    The Tea of Kings (Lychee Black Tea) 017

    The Tea of Kings (Lychee Black Tea) 017

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