Queen of Tropics (Lime, Orange Black Tea) 045

This heavily fruited black tea will send you on a tropical vacation, so we suggest you start packing your bags! It’s a deep, strong black tea delicately charmed with an alluring tropical mixture that will take you straight to paradise. A sweet and tangy confection of orange wedges, mango, papaya and strawberry bits provide a succulent and exotic aroma that will have you dreaming of tropical beaches. Served either hot or iced, this “Queen of tropics” black tea is the perfect pick-me up that will paint your day in bright, sunny colors.

  • Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange wedges, Mango bits, Papaya bits, Flavourings, Strawberry bits, Sunflower blossoms, Lemongrass, Raspberry bits, Red currants, Orange blossoms, Natural flavourings.

1 tsp
3-4 min

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Queen of Tropics (Lime, Orange Black Tea) 045.

Lilliane V

Definitely a queen!

Leaves smell of a bright lime. The color is a nice dark red liquid. I really like the exotic flavor of this tea. I think it melds really well with the black tea flavor. I think I might brew some of this for iced tea next time my pitcher is empty!

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    Queen of Tropics (Lime, Orange Black Tea) 045

    Queen of Tropics (Lime, Orange Black Tea) 045

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