Ocean Breeze (Ginger Lemon Green Tea) 055

Have you ever dived into the ocean from a high cliff, feeling your adrenaline level rising, the breeze blowing in your hair and your body caressed by the refreshing water as you plummet into the deep end? That’s what Lemon Sencha has to offer! The Japanese Sencha in this blend is carefully selected from high quality gardens, a magnificent green tea with vibrant and grassy aroma.The tangy flavors of fresh lemongrass, lime and tingling notes of ginger are added to this premium sencha to give it an invigorating touch that will instantly rejuvenate and empower you.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea, Lemongrass, Ginger bits, Lime wedges, Flavouring, Lemon peels, Natural Flavouring

1 tsp
2-3 min

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Ocean Breeze (Ginger Lemon Green Tea) 055.

Nova K

Love it!

I ordered this tea online and it arrived 2 days after I order it (I live in the UK). Great delivery time and very nice experience while opening the pack! The smell is amazing, so refreshing, you can feel the lemon and the ginger. I only steeped it once so far, and I enjoyed it for sure. Tomorrow I'll get some with me in the office.

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    Ocean Breeze (Ginger Lemon Green Tea) 055

    Ocean Breeze (Ginger Lemon Green Tea) 055

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