Mulberry White Tea 116

This tea reigns from the moisture rich Fujian Province in China where white teas are harvested in early spring to give them the white peach fuzz appearance and soft mouthfeel. This white tea’s melodiously delicate flavor is embellished with the pungent tartness of Mulberry to give you a luxurious fruit confection. The health benefits of the white mulberry tea are as equally divine as its flavor, it is chock full of antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system against illness. It also packs a surprising amount of calcium.

  • Ingredients: White tea, Mulberries, Papaya bits, Apple bits, Flavourings, Marigold blossoms, Jasmine blossoms, Cornflower blossoms.

2 tsp
2-4 min

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Mulberry White Tea 116.

Jenn P

So light and fruity!

I had to buy this once I saw the mulberries. Mulberries and white tea are like THE perfect combination for me, and I was not disappointed by this tea. The mulberries, apple and papaya give the tea a nice fruity taste, without being overwhelming or (worse) artificially sweet. It's very nicely balanced and tastes completely natural. I can already tell that the 50g I bought of this will not last long!

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    Mulberry White Tea 116

    Mulberry White Tea 116

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