Fruits Basket (Strawberry Raspberry Green Tea) 127

Tasting this green tea blend makes you think of a basket full of ripe strawberries and raspberries, plucked at sunrise on a warm summer day. The fruity aroma will strike you from the beginning, as the berry notes are so alive in this infusion. A light and refreshing sensation will invade you as you sip from this beautiful blend of the finest sencha green tea. The raspberry and the strawberry bits will gently mingle to spoil you with those garden fruity highlights.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea, Rose buds, Flavourings, Raspberry bits, Rose blossom leaves, Natural flavouring.

1 tsp
2-3 min

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Fruits Basket (Strawberry Raspberry Green Tea) 127.


This tea is fantastic

I bought this tea and the Spring fest tea and sent them as a gift for my sister's birthday and that was such a great idea! She was so happy, the packaging is so beautiful, and she loves the tea. For me I bought Assam beast of the east and Tea of kings, as I'm more a black tea type. These are also great teas, I'll write a review for each of them.

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    Fruits Basket (Strawberry Raspberry Green Tea) 127

    Fruits Basket (Strawberry Raspberry Green Tea) 127

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