Criss Cross (China Green Tea) 020

Prepare to reap an abundance of wellness with this gem from the breathtaking peaks of the Anhui Province of China. The refreshing flavor of this tea with notably brisk notes and a slightly sweet aroma will make you feel so alive. The slightly vegetal essence of this Criss Cross green tea translates on your tongue as light and tangy with a fresh green flavor. Enjoy this tea for sunny afternoons; this sparkling cup of jade green is sure to be the highlight of your day while giving your soul the essential boost of wellness it needs!

  • Ingredients: Green Tea

1 tsp
2-4 min

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Criss Cross (China Green Tea) 020.


Nice experience

Best tea ever!

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    Criss Cross (China Green Tea) 020

    Criss Cross (China Green Tea) 020

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