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About us


Why do we love tea?


Is it because of its tantalizing taste?

Or maybe because of its amazing heady fragrance?

Is it because of its soothing effects and the wellbeing it brings?

Because it brings us together, telling stories and having fun?

Because it’s an endless way to discover, explore and enjoy new aromas and enriches our experience with so many blends and flavors?

Because of its health benefits?

Or maybe because its such a cozy treat?


We love tea for all these reasons, for all the happiness, inspiration and fun it brings to our lives and we want to share our passion with you. We find absolutely breathtaking the complex mix of nature and human dedication in each cup of tea.


Here at Rivertea, our aim is to innovate the world of tea. We want to make it simple for people all over the world to discover the magic in tea and get inspired every single day. We’re really excited about bringing this healthy and ravishing drink closer to your senses and offer you sunny, inspired days.