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Yoga vs. Pilates: Which One is Better for You?

Yoga vs. Pilates: Which One is Better for You?

| On 08, Aug 2013

There are so many forms of workout that we’re wondering how we’re not spending every moment at the gym. Well, we’re aware why that is, but the biggest issue is what should you choose for yourself to get in shape?

So let’s have a look into two of the most popular workouts nowadays: yoga vs. pilates. We’ll review all the benefits and advantages and let you have your pick.



To sum up the benefits of yoga it would mean a 360 degrees advantage. To be more clear, it helps you lose weight, get stronger and have more flexibility, a beautiful skin, better overall health and a calm peaceful mind. What more could you ask for from a few hours of exercise per week? Let’s see what more there is:

1. No more aching. If you’re stuck in an office chair all day long then you know all the pressure goes to your back. Yoga can help strengthen those muscles and relief your aching and soreness in just a matter of time with 2 classes a week.

2. Better sleep. Having trouble with insomnia? Not anymore. Researcher’s from Brigham and Women’s Hospital have found that regular practice any time of the day induce relaxation, thus making it easier to fall asleep.

3. Greater confidence. When you look good, you feel good and researchers from University of California in Berkeley agree. They found out that women who regularly practiced yoga rated their bodies 20 percent higher than others who just did aerobics. That may be because yoga doesn’t just make you fit, but gets you in tune with your body.

4. Less stress. For that reason alone you should get hooked, because stress is one of the biggest issues to deal with and we all have it. For just a few minutes of practice and meditation a day, your mind and body are free of all the build-up pressure. The good news is, after you learn a few poses, you can start doing them anywhere and anytime you feel like it, for example at work. Lock yourself inside the office and relax for a few minutes.

5. Happier relationships. When your mind is relaxed and calm, like it is from yoga, all you can do is show your appreciation and love to the one’s around you. Your relationships with your spouse, friends, parents and even your mother-in-law will improve and you’ll have a happier life.

6. Energy booster. If you’re feeling drained out and overwhelmed, like you simply don’t have the energy to go on, just stop for a few minutes for yoga. The meditation will leave you refreshed and recharged ever in the most hectic of days.

7. Better intuition. Yoga combined with meditation can improve your intuitive ability so that you can always be sharp and know what needs to be done. Just try it!

8. A toner body. Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re making an effort, you’re using your body weight to move from one pose to another, so it’s very easy to firm up and build muscles. Yoga is, after all, strength training.



Even if you’re already practicing another sport, taking on pilates as well is a good idea. You’ve probably already heard at least one person (and that’s being modest) talk about the benefits of this exercise technique. Flexibility, circulation, posture and abdominal strength added up to many other advantages that we’re going to talk about:

1. A changed body. Any workout will improve your body’s appearance, but pilates will create a leaner look for a longer time. It also improves muscle tone and supports a beautiful posture, teaching you to move with ease and grace. So, we’re thinking you’ll be getting a princess vibe.

2. Right for everyone. Wether you’ve been exercising your whole life or you’re just starting to workout, pilates movements apply to you. Having hundreds of possible moves, it can be tailored to anyone’s needs or capabilities.

3. Flexibility. Though not as hardcore as yoga, pilates also provides the body with a range of motions that help it stretch and bend so as to become more flexible in the day to day life.

4. More energy. The more you do it the more energy you get. Pilates gets the breath and circulation moving and stimulates the muscles, delivering the body that good feeling that comes from a full workout, thus making you feel like you can move mountains.

5. Better balance. Would you like to have the body of a gymnast? Pilates strengthens your core and increases you coordination and balance. Imagine looking so gracefully while wearing your pair of 5-inch heels. 

6. A stronger person. Pilates helps you both to build a strong mind and a strong body. You’ll be more confident and more in tune, as well as have stronger muscles. You will feel empowered and able to defeat any challenges physical or not.

7. Overall improvement. What is your ultimate goal? To lose weight, to get firm or do a back flip on a balance beam? That is what pilates does: it helps you shape your body so that it looks and does like you’ve always wanted. It was made to improve your day to day life.


Now that you know the facts all you need to do is go get yourself a mattress and start practising. The results will come in a short while and you will be as good as new, ready for anything that comes your way.



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