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Vacation Checklist: 20 Things You Must Pack - Rivertea Blog

Vacation Checklist: 20 Things You Must Pack

| On 11, Jul 2013


The moment you’ve been waiting for all year long is upon you: summer vacation is coming to a close and you’re surely very excited.

You want it to be perfect and contribuing to that is making sure you have everything set in order to the last minor detail. As always we’re here to help: we’ve done your job for you and made a list of must have’s for your trip, where ever you may be going.

So get a pen and make sure your check each of the following items.

1. Your digital camera: the first item on the list and, probably, the most important. You want to remember every bit of your trip and what better souvenirs than photos of you and your loved ones?

2. Something to read: a book or a magazine always come in handy when you’re on the plain or just want some down time for yourself. Or, better yet, just bring your Kindle.

3. Make a photocopy of your passport or ID: it’s best than to carry it along everywhere you go and risk losing it. Small things like this one make for a worry free vacation.

4. Sunglasses and sunscreen: your most important accessory for the summer are your glasses so don’t forget pack up a spare as well. And if you’re planning to sun bathe make sure you get effective protection for a clean, beautiful tan.

5. A tourist guide and a map: or at least an app for your phone. You’ll want to visit the sights and attractions and do all the touristy activities. You should even organise an itinerary before hand, so you can visit as much as possible.

6. Consider a money belt: especially when going to a place you’ve never been before. There’s nothing that ruins your vacation worse than having your valuables stolen. Be safe and smart!


7. Something extra: you should consider packing a spare for the most important items like the bathing suit, flip flops, a handbag or batteries. You never know when or why you may need them and it’s best to be prepared.

8. Any medicine you may need: if you find it hard to sleep when away from home or have allergies or any other conditions, you should pop by the drugstore and get anything you may need before you actually need it. Sometimes cold medicine could save you holiday.

9. Bug spray: this is a ‘better be safe than sorry’ tip. You wouldn’t want any tiny creatures bothering you on your time of peace and relaxation.

10. A neck pillow: however you may be travelling, you’ll never know when you may need it. Get an inflatable one so it doesn’t take up alot of room in your luggage,

11. Warm clothes: even if you’re going to a sunny place you can’t control the weather. Bring a sweater and long pants so you’ll still be able to cruise around town if you can’t get beach time.

12. Protein bars: or something to nibble on that you don’t need to refrigerate and doesn’t take up alot of space. Who knows where adventure may take you and hunger is no friend.

13. Chargers: you know how awful it is when your battery runs low, imagine being miles away and not being able to recharge. This should be the first thing you pack, especially if you can’t live without your phone. An adapter can also come in handy if you’re travelling abroad.

14. An umbrella: we don’t want it to rain, but what if it does? Just pack it so you won’t be mad at yourself later.


15. The shoes that go with everything: you do have limited space in your baggage, so try to make the most of it. Don’t bring every pair of shoes you have, even though we know you need it, but instead get the ones that match the clothes you have. You’re probably just going to wear your flip flops all the time, anyway.

16. Toiletries: bring everything from moisturizer to perfume. You can’t know before hand what the hotel offers in this departament, so take anything you need to complete your morning and night routine. Don’t forget about your partner, as well.

17. Earplugs: if you want to have a good night sleep. Remember, everyone around you is on vacation as well and they probably don’t want to be quiet. So be ready to avoid any noise you didn’t predict. 

18. A dictionary: not everyone speaks english and people love it when you address them in their native language. You can make some new friends along the way, who would love to show you around for free. Wouldn’t you like to party like a local?

19. Cards or board games: there may be times when you’ll be stuck at the hotel so it doesn’t hurt to have something to entertain you and the people you came with. There no point in moping around if it’s raining outside. 

20. That shirt you decided not to pack: you’re going to regret it at some point so better put it in your luggage while you have the chance. 


Now all you have left is to count the minutes until departure and have the time of your life. Bon voyage!



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