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Touareg Tea – Morocco’s Favorite Beverage

December 9, 2013 |


What is the easiest way to discover something about a new country and learn the core of its people? Well, start with its tea habits! Almost every nation has its own ceremonies and customs when it comes … Read More

8 Health Benefits of Ginger (and How to Make Ginger Tea)

June 21, 2013 |


With all the great benefits at hand, you can never go wrong with ginger. For thousands of years now, ginger has been a star root, used as a spice and medicine all over the world. With its uncommonly interesting taste, ginger gladly fills up our plates and takes care of our body in it unique ways.

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5 Rare Tea Varieties. Discover Gourmet Teas

May 9, 2013 |

Have you ever thought what makes a rare tea… rare? Well, think about what differentiates champagne from other types of sparkling wine: the geographic restrictions, the grape varieties and the methods used to produce it. How is rare tea similar to champagne? Read More

5 Reasons to Replace Your Morning Coffee with Tea

March 1, 2013 |

Coffee and tea represent a morning ritual for a lot of people. But coffee isn’t at all healthy; it’s a habit that causes addiction and can enhance the development of certain diseases. Here are 5 reasons to change your morning ritual and replace coffee with tea.

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Amazing Tea Traveling. Tea History and Tea Traditions

January 27, 2013 |

Tea traditions have become a part of many people’s cultural background and also daily routine. It seems tea has always been there and always will be, like a true cultural and gastronomic wonder of the history which still has some magic to uncover.

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