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The Dos and Don’ts to Giving Up Meat

June 14, 2013 |


We have enjoyed it and cooked it in various forms for thousands of years, but these modern times bring a dietary revolution: eliminating meat from your meals.

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All You Need to Know about the Protein Power Diet

June 12, 2013 |


It’s summer already and you’re probably looking for ways to get in shape quick for your vacation in the sun. There’s nothing like feeling great while prancing down the beach or dancing in a club with all eyes on you the whole night.

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8 Foods You Think Are Healthy but They’re Not (and What to Replace Them With)

June 11, 2013 |

There’s a saying: you are what you eat. But are you really sure you know what you’re eating?

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Get Over Your Junk Food Addiction Today!

June 1, 2013 |


We all have guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to what we eat. There is food that is not good for us, food we shouldn’t eat, but we do it anyway. Are you dealing with a junk food addiction as well?

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