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5 Spring Tea Party Ideas - Rivertea Blog

5 Spring Tea Party Ideas

| On 22, Apr 2013

Spring is here, tea is always here, so why not combine the two together for a fine spring tea party? Need ideas? Check out our spring tea party ideas and start planning a wonderful and special day dedicated to your loved ones, friends and family.

Tea can easily be transformed into a celebration with friends and family, but before enjoying yourself together, there is always a little planning to do. Tea parties, like any other parties require shopping spree before sending away the invitations. Now that the spring is here it seems quite natural to want to enjoy nature to the fullest, so maybe a nature tea party in the garden, park or backyard is the best choice, as tea and nature are in a perfect harmony.

The first step when preparing a tea party is to start designing your tea party invitations or simply decide which model, color and theme to buy and who are the guests, of course. The second step is to plan your menu. A tea party menu isn’t an elaborate one;  tea sandwiches, biscuits and cookies are usually served.  Of course this isn’t necessarily a simple menu as you can plan putting together and cooking more varieties of tea sandwiches and cookies to appeal to all of your guests’ tastes.

Spring Tea Party Ideas

Shopping is always important before a tea party as you may wish to buy not only menu ingredients, but also some teaware items. I suggest you visit some antique stores if your plan is to purchase unique serving pieces and linens . After shopping you should make a list of the activities you have in mind for the tea party like society games for instance or any other type of leisure activity.

If you need help with your shopping list, here are a few general guidelines for items you will need during the tea party. For each guest, yourself included, you will need: tea cup and saucer, dessert plate, silverware and napkin. For the table you will need: teapot, more than one if you host an extended tea party and the group is larger than a few guests; sugar bowl, creamer, bowl for lemon wedges, tablecloth, serving dishes for the sandwiches, and a centerpiece on the table which can be a bunch of wild spring flowers, a handmade decoration item or whatever suits your party theme best.

Victorian Theme Tea Party

What better way to enjoy spring to the fullest than when combining it with nature’s rebirth and a little bit of history? A Victorian tea party is exactly what you need to get together with a bunch of friends and enjoy tea in a very elegant manner. An outdoor Victorian party would be better as I am sure everyone will enjoy the sun’s gentle touch and will love to dress up a little and to use old style hats.

The tea party planning follows the general guidelines I gave above with a few more additions. For instance, scones are a must for a Victorian tea party with Devonshire cream, lemon curd or jelly or jams. You can find many interesting and simple recipes in cookbooks or the Internet, so it is rather simple to get your Victorian menu started.

The decoration part seems rather complicated when we think about the Victorian age, but it is actually quite simple. You just have to select floral china for your party and crystal serving pieces. To make it feel like spring is here, I suggest you place fresh flowers everywhere and use as support crystal vases and/or teapots without lids. If you’re doing the party indoors, lots of candles are recommended to remind everyone of the time when electricity wasn’t yet a commodity  If you’re doing an outdoor party I suggest replacing the candles with some colorful Chinese lanterns. You should also have pretty napkins on the table as part of the decor and serving.

Victorian Tea Party

Either indoors or outdoors, the tea party should not be stripped of music. Don’t destroy your Victorian theme by choosing some modern tunes. Keep the atmosphere of spring and history going with some classical music set very low in order not to interrupt conversation. As a final touch to the atmosphere, suggest your guests in the invitations you will send them, to respect the Victorian dress code. I have a feeling that your female friends will be enchanted to do so.

Welcome Spring Tea Party

I guess we are all very glad to see spring coming, so why not enjoying a nice welcome spring party as a celebration of nature and light? The first step would be deciding on the color theme and it is recommended to use a happy, optimistic color and to avoid those classic black and white tones. I would suggest a green color scheme and a flowery touch to your china.

You can write a poem about friendship in your invitations or any other original text which would suit you and your friends. You can also suggest to them to respect the green or any other color scheme you choose and use clothing in that particular color. The party should be outdoors because it is a celebration of nature, and the fresh flowers are a must. As table cloth you can use a piece within the color pattern you choose with flowery models on it.



Casual Tea Picnic

I love spring because that is when the picnic season starts and a good picnic can refill your batteries for another week of work, so start planning your casual tea picnic. Firstly you should start by choosing a location, somewhere in a forest or near a lake to make a real celebration of nature.

This tea party doesn’t need a table. Just get some blankets, give one of them the function of a table and arrange the teaware and food on it. Gather all around it, eat, chat and enjoy one and other’s company. If you have a musician friend who enjoys playing the guitar, then invite him over and ask him to play a few songs.

Tea Picnic


Bridal Shower Tea Party

If you and your family are tea fans than a bridal shower tea party is the natural choice when it comes to spring weddings.

The preparation steps are just the same like any other tea parties: shopping, choosing the color scheme and theme, sending invitations, deciding on the menu. It is a good idea to create several small bouquets using pink roses, rosebuds and ferns or flowers to match your china. Make them flat on one side for laying on table.  Tie stems together with dark green silk ribbon and mist lightly. Place in refrigerator until ready to decorate table. The gifts for the bride to be can be tea themed as for instance asking each guest to bring a teacup in order to create an original, colorful and sentimental valuable tea set.



Baby Shower Tea Party

If your baby had the luck of being born during spring, then what better way of celebrating the little bundle of joy in a tea party manner? The preparations are the same as in the previous examples, just the invitations a bit different including child like photos and texts. A good idea during the baby shower is to give to each guest a sheet of paper and pen and to ask him or her to write a few words of advice for the new mother or for the mother to be, if the baby isn’t yet born.

Another fun thing to do during baby showers is to come up with names for the baby using only the letters which form the parents’ names or other type of incentive. You can give a prize to the person who proves to be more inventive when it comes to baby names or to the person who gives the best advice to the parents.

Baby Shower Tea Party

A tea party can be a simple, casual event in the life of a family or a more complex and elegant one; it’s all up to you. Choose your favorite idea and combine tea and spring into an unforgettable and original event. 


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