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RiverTea opens today! We've now unpacked the magic box of teas!

RiverTea opens today! We’ve now unpacked the magic box of teas!

| On 16, Jan 2014

Dear friends, after months of creative and hard work, our efforts and commitment to delivering exquisite, high quality teas in an innovative way have finally reached their purpose. We’re really excited to announce that RiverTea opens its doors today!

We want to make it simple for all of you to discover the magic in tea, and we are committed to bring this ravishing beverage closer to your senses and offer you cheerful, inspired days. We’ve put all our passion, dedication and commitment into creating a wonderful customer experience, always seeking to surprise our customers – beautiful packaging, world wide delivery, friendly and experienced people to talk to, reliable and friendly content to help you stay healthy and happy. 


Our Story

When we first discovered this amazing world of endless – and delicious – choices, we were so enthusiastic about this fascinating drink that it totally soaked us in. From the tea plantation, through harvesting and processing, to the special care and attention it takes to get the tea in people’s homes, and the feelings of happiness and inspiration this amazing beverage brings in people’s lives, all these captivated us.

Having already a deep passion and many years of experience in entrepreneurship and online startups, we were so excited of the idea of innovating the tea industry and building an online store to make it easy for people around the world to discover the magic of tea. So here we are, ready to bring tea closer to your senses and provide an unforgettable customer experience to all of you!


Our Teas

Enrich your experience with a collection of 131 exquisite teas! From the stronger black teas and pu-erh to the milder green and white blends, all of our products come in simple and flavoured versions, and we offer scented, decaf and specialty assortments as well, for the pickiest customers out there.

For months, we’ve been working to select and refine high quality teas from beautiful tea gardens. From the towering Himalayan mountains to the vast plains of Africa, each tea has its own intriguing story.

For those moments when you need some inspiration, Jasmine Dragon Pearls green tea will bring your imagination to life. Or if it’s full-blown revitalization that you’re looking for, Ceylon Ray of Sunlight Black Tea is just perfect to kick-start your day.


Join Us!

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Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ to become part of an amazing community of tea lovers. And always feel free to email us at for any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. We highly value your opinions and feedback.

Visit and embark on the amazing journey to discover the flavourful universe of teas!


Happy brewing!

Gabriela, co-founder RiverTea