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Get Over Your Junk Food Addiction Today! - Rivertea Blog

Get Over Your Junk Food Addiction Today!

| On 01, Jun 2013


We all have guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to what we eat. There is food that is not good for us, food we shouldn’t eat, but we do it anyway. Are you dealing with a junk food addiction as well?


You’re probably thinking that there’s nothing wrong with just nibbling here and there or hitting the fast food joint once a week. You’re only human and fries are tastier then veggies. You’re a hard worker and you deserve to let yourself give in to your cravings. But whether you’re stuffing yourself all day long or you buy just another bag of chips in case you have company, you may have a problem even though it’s just starting.


Junk food is designed to make you addicted. The ingredients that it’s made from are absorbed by your body much more rapidly than in the case of fruit or vegetables. As a result, your blood sugar spikes and you get a high that makes you want more. Also, it inhibits the brain’s reward center which makes you constantly need it, just like in any other addiction.


It doesn’t sound very good, does it? Well, neither will these next 4 reasons why junk food is bad for you:


1.      More calories

An average person needs about 400 to 600 calories in a meal. Have you ever thought of how many fast food products have? Here are some examples: a KFC Crispy Twister sandwich has 610 ca;  the large fries from McDonalds have 500 and if you’re serving them alongside a double cheese burger that’s 400 ca more. The veggie burger from Burger King has 410 ca and if you wash it down with a Pepsi, you get a total of 580 ca. Imaging eating one meal like this per day.


2.      Unhealthy fat

This food contains high level of saturated fat, which can increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This is linked to many diseases, which you won’t want to know about.


3.      Too much sodium

Sodium is important to consume every day, but in a limited amount, about 1200 mg. Many fast food items, like a burger, contain at least double that amount.


4.      A bad mood

A study conducted at Penn State University has shown that poor eating habits can worsen your mood, contrary to the results we were expecting when trying to reward ourselves or feel better. People who eat junk food are 51% more likely to suffer from depression.


That wasn’t very pleasant, was it? We have good news though, because we have no more than 6 easy tips & tricks to help you get rid of your junk food addiction as soon as today and turn it into a balanced diet.


1.      Be a smart shopper

The first step is to stop buying it. Just walk away from the shelf and aim for some other healthy alternatives such as fruit, vegetables or nuts. Quitting junk food will give you a sense of hunger more often and make you crave it, so it’s best to have a snack with you at all time: an apple, a protein bar or a trail mix. If you’re in the mood for something sweet to drink, replace your usual soda with honey tea or a lemonade,  but make sure you drink plenty of water. You’ll find out that you can still enjoy a tasty treat!

2.      Quit cold turkey

It’s better to just quit then try to reduce the amount you consume, until it’s all gone. That doesn’t work, so whatever secret stash you have in your house, throw it away! Studies show that willpower is strongest early in the morning and it weakens towards the end of the day, so make sure you are fed and not thinking about getting something to pick at while watching your favorite show.

3.      Get on natural supplements

Organic supplements can help you reduce your cravings and support your blood sugar levels. Look for the ones that have ginseng, medicinal mushrooms, alginates, chromium or alpha lipoic acid. Examine the foods you have a strong desire for, that may be your body’s way of telling you have a deficiency and you need to consume a particular ingredient. Of course, once you start eating healthier, you’re going to develop an appetite for good food.


4.      Get a buddy

If you have a junk food problem, then for sure you have a friend with a junk food problem. So help each other out! You can get informed together about what is best to eat and go out to try new restaurants. Striving to avoid unhealthy food doesn’t mean you should lock yourself up in the house, but having someone by your side will surely help you avoid temptation. You can have a lot of fun along the way.


5.      Get motivated

You need to find a strong reason to quit, otherwise you’ll find yourself questioning all that effort. One strong point can be saving money. Have you ever thought of how much this bad habit is costing you? It is about twice then you would spend on normal food. So give it up and start pampering yourself in other ways, like a trip to the spa.

6.      Hit the gym

Exercising is always a good idea. It will take your mind off of eating and it will make you more self conscience about your nutrition, so you won’t be tempted to fall off the wagon. Also, you will have more confidence to move on with a fab new fit body to back you up.


It isn’t easy, but the results will be worth it. Today is the beginning of a new month and new season so it’s a perfect timing for you to start over. Don’t forget to tell us how it’s going!


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