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How to Create a Mood-Enhancing Room Decor

How to Create a Mood-Enhancing Room Decor

| On 06, Feb 2014


“Should I get a new haircut? I feel like I should change something, everything’s just too depressing.”

“Have you had your coffee yet?”

“Yes, I did, not working. I need to change something, this place is suffocating and my TO DO list is getting bigger with every hour that passes.”

“Have you considered getting some new decorations? Might work better than a new hairdo.”

Great plan, I thought, but I don’t want to waste too much money on items I may not need. Although I do want to change something and starting with my room’s décor does sound like a good idea.

So where do I start if my goal is to create an inspiring, energizing and cozy room?

1. Colors

It’s not a secret that wearing a certain color can affect our mood and can boost our productivity and energy levels, but this doesn’t apply only to clothing. The items we choose for decorating our rooms can have the same effect or even a greater impact, since we’re exposed to their colors several hours a day.

Each color is typically associated with certain feelings, so for a mood-enhancing décor, you should opt for brighter tones, and warmer colors.

Red is considered a powerful and energizing color, which can increase your productivity, but it’s also linked with anger, so painting your walls in full red might not be the best idea if you have a choleric temperament. Still, you can play with red shades and use this bold color to balance neutral tones, or opt for complementary color schemes and different intensities.

red bedroom


Orange is perhaps the happiest color, traditionally associated with energy and good mood. It’s a nice choice for a joyful décor, and works great for creative environments, as it gives a burst of positive energy. However, picking the boldest orange tone may not be the best idea, as too much of this color can become tiring and irritating for the eye. So try to stick with paler shades, and only use intense orange items to balance the lighter tones or cold bedroom


Yellow is another good choice if you’re looking to create a cheerful and energizing décor for your room, but try to pick softer tones, as bold ones tend to be more tiring. Also, avoid neon yellow for the walls, but don’t be afraid to get creative with the lamps, pillows, picture frames or even your desk chair, as playing with colors and adding some variety can be stimulating for your eyes and brain at the same time.yellow mood enhancing bedroom


Bright green can enhance your mood as well, as even if this color is generally considered a calming one, it’s powerful enough to revitalize your body. Bright green resembles fresh grass, so it’s refreshing and optimistic when placed in the right context. It may not be the most creative color, but it’s a nice touch for lifting your mood early in the bedroom decor

2. Shapes and textures

Beside colors, shapes and textures can also influence your mood, as an interior design with no variety can be perceived as boring and visually tiring. However, if you opt for some small decorations with less common shapes, they won’t alter the overall appearance of your room, but will bring that extra something needed for making your days brighter.

Try to play with shapes that complement each other nicely, especially if you’re willing to paint the walls in a creative way, as your purpose is to create harmony, not chaos. If you’re not skilled enough for this, ask for a professional designer’s help.

As for textures, the more comfortable they are, the better you’ll feel when interacting with objects in your room. Pick only those materials that feel right whenever you touch them, and for the furniture, opt for pieces that offer enough support while maintaining a soft texture.

You may not see the link between your mood and the quality of the mattress right now, but if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable couch, it’s very likely for your body to be aching in the morning, and this will surely affect your mood.

To sum it up: shapes and textures should be inviting but comfortable, and able to create an inviting and cozy interior design. This way you’ll actually feel like home when coming home after a tiring day at the office, and the negativity and stress will go away after relaxing in a visually appealing room, with nice patterns and colors.

creative shaped furniture

3. Lights

Last, keep in mind that the lighting also plays a huge role in how you feel, as sunlight is known to enhance the mood. When planning your room’s décor, try to place the furniture in a way that will allow you to get as much natural light as possible, as this will keep you energized and will literally brighten your day.

As for your lamps, try to opt for lights in warmer colors, preferably yellow tones, and stay away from cold lights like blue or violet ones. These might be useful for calming your spirit, but aren’t the best ally when it comes to lifting your mood and energizing you. In fact, they might make you sleepier.

Once you’re done with the lighting, you can also play a bit with aromas and fragrances, as some smells are considered more stimulating and able to induce a positive state of mind. But if you’re not into such things, fresh air is more than enough for lifting your mood and refreshing your body, so if you live in an area where the level of pollution isn’t too high, let the morning freshness revitalize your spirit and boost your mood!