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Tea Benefits Archives - Rivertea Blog

Quick Fix of the Day: Diuretic Tea

January 29, 2014 |


“I need to fit into these jeans by Saturday, tell me what can I do to drop some pounds fast, and I mean really fast?”. Then she told me those jeans were 1/2 size smaller than her … Read More

Tea, Natural Remedy for Hypertension

January 22, 2014 |


Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common health issues in today’s society and the main form of heart disease, 1 in 3 adults suffering from higher than normal blood pressure. Associated with heart … Read More

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

January 6, 2014 |


January 2014 is the National Hot Tea Month, and in order to celebrate it properly, you should try a different tea assortment every day, and have it hot, first thing in the morning. Still, as Dr. Mercola … Read More

Tea Benefits for Digestion

December 30, 2013 |


With all the tasty cookies and highly caloric traditional foods prepared for Christmas and the New Year’s festive dinner, it’s hard not to go overboard and grab an extra serving of treats, or to keep food indulgences … Read More

5 Ways Tea Benefits Your Hair

December 16, 2013 |


I was traveling back home with a friend of mine and we were having this conversation about skin’s health and how foods influence it, when my friend stated a valuable principle: “if it’s not healthy enough to … Read More

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Acai Berry Tea

November 26, 2013 |

I remember I first heard about acai berry tea several years ago, and the friend who introduced me the acai beverage described it as a new and tasty weight loss tea.  Although I wasn’t necessarily interested in dropping … Read More

8 Health Benefits of Ginger (and How to Make Ginger Tea)

June 21, 2013 |


With all the great benefits at hand, you can never go wrong with ginger. For thousands of years now, ginger has been a star root, used as a spice and medicine all over the world. With its uncommonly interesting taste, ginger gladly fills up our plates and takes care of our body in it unique ways.

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Nature’s Aid for Health. Black Tea Health Benefits

March 18, 2013 |

Black tea is becoming more and more popular due to the recent studies which have shown that this kind of tea has in its composition 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Discover black tea’s health benefits and why this tea variety should be included in your everyday meal routine. Read More

A Flower’s Secret. Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

March 5, 2013 |

Chamomile has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Discover the health benefits of chamomile and how to use this wonderful infusion to your advantage. Read More

5 Reasons to Replace Your Morning Coffee with Tea

March 1, 2013 |

Coffee and tea represent a morning ritual for a lot of people. But coffee isn’t at all healthy; it’s a habit that causes addiction and can enhance the development of certain diseases. Here are 5 reasons to change your morning ritual and replace coffee with tea.

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