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6 Lactose Free & Gluten Free Recipes for Lunch/Dinner

February 5, 2014 |


A gluten-free and lactose-free recipe that looks wonderful and tastes delicious probably takes a lot of time to prepare and requires expensive ingredients, right?

Not necessarily, as  even if you’ve recently switched to a gluten-free diet, … Read More

Protein Supplements vs. Natural Proteins – Who Wins the Battle?

January 28, 2014 |


Proteins come in various forms, from the natural nutrients found in lean meat, eggs or beans to the powders we see in nutrition stores and gyms.

While bodybuilders, gym goers and athletes often use protein … Read More

The 4 Hour Body – Drop 20 Pounds in 30 Days

January 21, 2014 |


Long story short: a guy who’s not a nutritionist, nor a scientist or fitness professional, wrote a book called “The 4-Hour Body”, which promises to help one drop 20 pounds in 30 days, with minimum to no … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Tea with Food

January 20, 2014 |


Mastering the art of pairing tea with food is just as important as knowing how to pick the wine for a delicious meal, or which seasonings work well with which dishes. Picking the right tea can turn … Read More

The Caveman Diet: To Go or Not to Go Paleo?

January 14, 2014 |


45 million Americans diet annually and $33 billion are spent on weight loss products each year in the U.S. The average woman starts dieting at age 16 and spends 31 years on a diet, while men spend … Read More

Fitness and Nutrition Trends for 2014

January 1, 2014 |


No day is better for a new start than the New Year’s Day, and if your Resolutions list included something health or fitness-related, it’s the perfect moment to take a look at the trends in fitness and … Read More

Traditional Christmas Desserts: Fruit Cake and Candied Fruits

December 19, 2013 |


What makes you feel the Christmas atmosphere at home? Decorating the Christmas tree, packing the presents or maybe playing your favorite Christmas carols? All these are part of the ritual for most of us, but what about … Read More

Evolution of the Food Pyramid

December 17, 2013 |


One of the things I mostly love when traveling home is spending time with my grandmother and listening to her always interesting stories. “When I was younger, we used to eat this and that, and there weren’t … Read More

5 Side-Effects of Low-Carb Diets You Should Know About

December 10, 2013 |


To eat or not to eat carbs, that is the question. I often get asked if cutting calories and restricting the carb intake is a good strategy for losing weight fast, and I usually say that dropping … Read More

10 Gluten-Free Ideas for Breakfast

December 4, 2013 |


Every time a new celebrity announces she or he managed to drop weight by going gluten-free, the popularity of the GF diet peaks overnight. Gwenyth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Ian Somerhalder and Miley Cyrus are only some of … Read More