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How to Boost Your Emotional Immune System

How to Boost Your Emotional Immune System

| On 03, Jan 2014


Few weeks ago I read an article on the German New Medicine system, and the 5 biological laws “discovered” by Dr. Hamer, the initiator of this new science. Although I don’t agree with his theories, he does mention one valuable thing in his laws: that any distress causes a malfunction to the human organism.

In other words, any stressful event can cause an impairment in the functioning of your body, even if the trauma is not physical. And this is pretty similar to what the positive thinking theory says – if you think positively, you’ll feel better, and if you embrace negative and stressful thoughts, your physical health will be affected as well.

I’m sure lots of you are already familiar with these concepts, so we won’t discuss positive thinking today. Instead, we’ll focus on the emotional immune system and learn how to strengthen it, in order to feel better both mentally and physically.

What is the emotional immune system?

The emotional immune system (EIS) is a term used for defining the defense mechanisms your body uses for keeping toxic thoughts and their effects away.

When dealing with stressful periods for example, your body is more prone to ailments, as increased levels of stress are known to affect both the psychical and physical health. Still, if your EIS is well developed and healthy, you should be able to find a way to cope with the stressful thoughts and to manage them so as to minimize their negative impact on your body.

The role of the emotional immune system is to protect you from the unnecessary damage caused by negative thoughts and to help you build a positive self-image.


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To better understand this, think about how your physiological immune system works: how does it identify toxins or pathogens in order to prevent ailments caused by them?

It compares the new substances that come in contact with your body with the older ones, which are already present inside the organism, and if it finds similarities, it’s likely to allow the new factors to pass inside the body.

How does the emotional immune system work?

It also compares what’s coming from the outside with what’s already inside: if someone looks at you and tells you you’re too fat, or too short, or not beautiful enough, your emotional immune system receives new information, which needs to be managed.

The protective mechanisms are then triggered and here’s what happens:

  • First, your brain compares the received information with the beliefs already present in your mind. If you have a poor self-esteem and self-confidence level, and you think of yourself as “ugly and fat”, it’s quite likely for the EIS to allow the new information to pass, and to strengthen your belief that you are, in fact, ugly and fat.
  • On the other hand, if you have a strong self-esteem level and well-grounded personal opinions with regards to beauty and weight standards, your brain is less likely to find a match between the new and old pieces of information. So when someone tells you that you’re too fat, your brain will analyze this idea and compare it with your previous belief: if you are happy with the way you look and inside your brain lies the belief that your weight suits you excellent, then the new thought will be rejected and won’t get to cause you any damage in the long run.

emotional immune systemAs I was saying in this article, any idea that reaches your ears can turn into a belief if it’s adopted without being analyzed, due to over generalization.

If your emotional immune system isn’t well developed and strong enough, you’re very likely to accept harmful and disempowering ideas coming from others, and these may end up causing you harm.

If you have a weak emotional immune system, you’re likely to believe that you’re fat and ugly, just because someone tells you so.

This is damaging for your body, as it affects your self-image, causes depression and moodiness, weakens your confidence, makes you insecure and so on.

The right thing to do when a new thing is projected upon you, is to filter the information and not adopt it instantly.

Yet, in order to do so, you need a powerful emotional immune system, so here’s how you can enhance your emotional immunity.

How to strengthen your emotional immune system

First step in building a healthier emotional immune system is to clean up the old stuff and throw the negative thoughts away. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”, someone said.

Have you ever noticed how some plus-sized women look gorgeous in whatever they wear, and some models always look grumpy and unhappy, despite of having a physique that’s universally promoted as “ideal”? You can be any size and accept your body, or hate it.

You can have a near-perfect life and hate it, just like you can have a poorly paid job, but love it. You can be considered the most beautiful woman or man, and still be uncomfortable in your own skin, due to a dysfunctional emotional immune system.

So instead of allowing harmful ideas enter your brain, ask yourself “According whose standards am I too fat, or ugly, or not tall enough?”.

  • Empty your mind from cultural stereotypes and start building healthier standards.
  • Know yourself, objectively analyze your flaws and if you can’t change them, learn to accept your minuses, as nobody’s perfect.
  • Do your best to improve yourself every day and be an activist, get involved in projects that empower you and adopt ideas and beliefs that help you progress.
  • Bond with positive people and embrace your vulnerabilities, but don’t allow someone else’s negative projection of yourself to enter your brain and hurt your feelings.
  • Be open to new ideas, even if you don’t agree with them, and don’t take things personally when they aren’t.
  • Practice letting go on a daily basis, as there’s really no point in storing all the negative thoughts and memories inside your brain.


What would happen if your body would suddenly stop flushing out toxins? Your health would be severely affected, and this applies to your emotional immune system as well. Unless you allow it to flush out all the damaging thoughts and beliefs, your emotional health will be affected and soon you’ll find yourself moody, depressed, feeling helpless and worthless.

Your emotional health is entwined with your physical well-being, so if you want to feel better, you need to start working not only on your physiological immune system, but on your emotional immune system as well. Reduce the amount of stress, fear and conflict in your life and allow love, laughter, harmony and positivity to be part of your life this year.