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Andreea Macoveiciuc

Andreea Macoveiciuc

If I were to choose 5 words that best describe me, I'd pick passionate writer, tea lover, coffee addict, cat person and fitness junkie. I'm committed to loving life and spreading words of encouragement, and my greatest passion is to help people create the best body they can through an active lifestyle, enjoyable workouts and healthy food choices. I’m equally skilled at patiently waiting and taking risks and I’m always ready to push my limits when circumstances ask for it. My everyday choice is to live life for more than life itself.

Posts By Andreea Macoveiciuc

5 Tasty Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Christmas

December 25, 2013 |


When it comes to Christmas desserts, each family has its own traditions and recipes. Still, for those of you who want to try something different this year and spice up the festive dinner with some festive desserts, … Read More

Rediscover the Meaning of Christmas: Symbols behind the Christmas Tree

December 24, 2013 |


Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most enjoyable traditions associated with the winter holidays, and both the setting up and taking down of the tree have their specific dates: 23 December (the first Day of … Read More

Christmas Tea Party Ideas

December 23, 2013 |


What do Christmas and the tea ceremony have in common? They both mark a time when you’re supposed to pause, breathe, forget about all problems and worries and dwell in joy.

A cup of red … Read More

How to Overcome Social Anxiety in 5 Steps

December 20, 2013 |


The awkward moment when you’re having lunch at the mall and you drop the fork. It happened to you as well, I’m sure, but how did it feel?

Traditional Christmas Desserts: Fruit Cake and Candied Fruits

December 19, 2013 |


What makes you feel the Christmas atmosphere at home? Decorating the Christmas tree, packing the presents or maybe playing your favorite Christmas carols? All these are part of the ritual for most of us, but what about … Read More

What is CrossFit? Plus 5 Reasons to Try It!

December 18, 2013 |


If I were to choose three words to define the perfect workout, I’d say it has to be time-efficient, tough and varied:

  • Time-efficient, for all the busy people out there who want to stay … Read More

Evolution of the Food Pyramid

December 17, 2013 |


One of the things I mostly love when traveling home is spending time with my grandmother and listening to her always interesting stories. “When I was younger, we used to eat this and that, and there weren’t … Read More

5 Ways Tea Benefits Your Hair

December 16, 2013 |


I was traveling back home with a friend of mine and we were having this conversation about skin’s health and how foods influence it, when my friend stated a valuable principle: “if it’s not healthy enough to … Read More

The Love-Life List or How to Start Living Your Dreams Today

December 13, 2013 |


If your life has no ups and downs, you’re dead, someone said. I don’t know what’s your quick fix, but when I’m feeling very tired and need some inspiration to get back on track, I like reading … Read More

Tea in Pregnancy – Safe or Not?

December 12, 2013 |


Whether you’re an expecting mom or you know someone who’s pregnant, you’re aware that some foods and beverages are considered unsafe during pregnancy, and coffee is one of these beverages, due to its high content of caffeine. … Read More