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8 Ways Tea Can Make You More Beautiful - Rivertea Blog

8 Ways Tea Can Make You More Beautiful

| On 05, Jun 2013

Tea is great! We love to drink it, share a cup with our friends, it’s good for our health and comforting in times we feel overwhelmed. There are no limits for what we could use tea in our everyday life. Did you know that there are a lot of ways tea can make you look beautiful?


This is going to be a treat for those of you who love organic, natural or homemade beauty remedies. It comes in handy as well: you take it out of your cup and make yourself pretty. Well, it doesn’t really work like that, but it’s the basic idea. This is not brand new information, though. Cosmetic companies have been adding tea to their skin care products for years and they know a thing or two about taking care of the body on the outside.


So, do you want to put your tea stash to greater use? We have 8 beauty tips using a natural ingredient that you already love. Good looks come from a cup, we say.


1. No more puffy eyes!

If your eyes look tired, then you look tired and sometimes even older. The best thing to do is put two chilled tea bags, one on each eye, and leave them there for about 10 -15 minutes. Also, you can brew the tea bags, refrigerate the content for a few hours and use soaked cotton balls in the same way. You can choose between chamomile or green tea, which will soothe your eyes and revitalize your whole face.


2. Hair like a model

Strengthen your hair and give it the shine it deserves. After shampooing, rinse it with cold tea, but don’t wash it again with water. This will protect your hair from pollution or other intense products and give you a look like in the commercials. You can use green tea or rooibos if you have red hair. We hope you have a convertible to show it off in! 


3. Change your look

Chamomile tea is known for its capacity to lighten your hair color. Mix it up with fresh lemon juice and you have double the power. Just like in the above advice, rinse it just before you get out of the shower and allow the tea to sit for a few minutes. Then dry it in the sun or by blow dryer, the heat will help fade the color. If you’d rather darken you hair than brew a cup of black tea and do the exact same procedure. Now you can be your own personal hair stylist.


4. The best cure for a sunburn

What do you do when you get a nasty sunburn? Put some tea on it, of course! Black tea contains antioxidants and it helps to draw out the heat and redness of a sunburn, reducing the pain and ability to blister. All you need to do is put a couple of tea bags in a cup of warm water and wait until it darkens. Then soak a towel in it and apply to the burnt surface, until the pain subsides. If it’s really serious you can put the tea bags directly on your skin.


5. Exfoliating to a softer skin

A mixture of tea leaves and honey will do wonders for your skin, by removing all the impurities and leaving it smoother than ever. Use green tea because it has anti-inflammatory properties, that can reduce blemishes and scars. You apply it like any other scrub, on your face or body for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


6. Refreshing toner

After the scrub, you need to hydrate, don’t you? How about a refreshing mint face toner? Just make a cup of very concentrated mint tea, soak a cotton ball in it after it cools off and gently dab it all over your face. We recommend this twice a day: in the morning and before bed time, along with a moisturizing cream. Your skin will feel like a baby’s.


7. Keep it young

The sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin especially your face, being the only part that is exposed all the time. So a reviving mask made out of yogurt and green tea is the ideal solution. Blend together 3 tablespoons of fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon of green tea leaves and keep for twenty minutes on your face. It will even out your skin tone and reduce sun spots in order to make you look brighter without any make up on. 


8. Essence to relax

The first thing you want to do after a long day’s work is get into a hot bath and just soak there for an hour, right? Enjoy it with some natural aroma therapy by adding leaves or tea bags to your bath water. Chamomile or lavender is very relaxing, or other fragrant teas that you like. You can also add flowers, like rose petals, or spices, or just brew a cup of tea and pour it into the bath. We’ve mentioned before the wonders green tea can do to your skin, so you can use it here too.


Tea can make you look beautiful on the outside and on the inside and, most importantly, it’s natural and healthy. We hope these tips come in handy and if they do, don’t be shy to share them with your friends through our social media buttons.




  1. Beauty lies in the eye of the behold. A nice article depicting benefits of tea for beautifying skin. Gone through all the points and found them very useful. i like most #5 Tea for sunburns. New had this idea that tea could be used for sunburns. Thanks for sharing the post. Its useful and informative.

  2. Eugenia

    I love rooibos tea, and it has no caffeine.