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8 Reasons to be Happy it's Monday - Rivertea Blog

8 Reasons to be Happy it’s Monday

| On 15, Jul 2013

Can you think of anything worst than waking up on a Monday morning to go to work? After two days of fun and relaxation, it seems like nothing is right anymore and all you want to do is hide under the covers. Every person has, at least once, posted an anti-Monday picture on their social media profiles. It’s clearly nobody’s favorite.


Well, today we want to tell you otherwise. Monday can actually be great if you just look at it differently. How? We have 8 reasons why you should be happy on the first day of the week.

1. A new begining

When do you always start a new diet or go to the gym or give up a bad habit ? On a Monday! There’s something about the begining of the week that seems to be a good time to change your life to better. It’s an opportunity to start over: forget about the past (or the things you’ve done over the weekend which should never be mentioned again) and hit the refresh button. You don’t have to wait until the new year to get started on your list of resolutions, come Monday and you commence. Aren’t you excited yet?


2. Story time

After getting over the shock of waking up on a Monday morning, everyone will begin to recollect all the adventures they had over the weekend. Imagine the stories you will hear just passing by the watercooler. It’s a good reason to take a long lunch with a bunch of co-workers and compete in who had the craziest couple of days. Surely, you want to tell someone about the wild things you’ve done, if they will believe you, right? We bet the day will pass by in no time once you begin story telling.

3. New episodes

A new week means new episodes of your favorite shows and most of them even air on Monday. So, at the end of the work day, get your favorite food and settle in on the couch to catch up on what your favorite characters are up to. Or if you’re a feature film kind of person, why not avoid the weekend cram and go to the cinema on Monday. There’s no line at the popcorn stand and you cand have any seat in the house.

4. Divine coffee

The morning coffee is always a treat, but doesn’t it have a different, special feeling on Mondays? It’s like the drink of the Gods, isn’t it? Well, for some of you it can be tea, the newspaper or running, depending on what your morning routine looks like, but it definitely has a different ring to it on Mondays, especially because we generally skip over it during the weekend days. So you have a chance to appreciate it like it is your first time!


5. An important day of your life

Mondays are a 1/7 of your life, so why not be happy? Would you waste so much time being annoyed, sleepy or grouchy, when you can do anything else? Instead of hating the day, look for ways to make it pleasurable like planning drinks with an old friend or have family game night. Don’t let time pass by like it never existed even if it’s a Monday.

6. Going to work

You probably haven’t thought about this as good news, but it can be. When you’re at work you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house, making food for you family or look after the kids. Sometimes we need a little break from our household and after two days of being at home, work is a sweet relief. You don’t have to argue about who’s going to walk the dog for the next 8 hours. And for others, it’s a chance to relax after partying all weekend.

7. A day off

Isn’t it great when a holiday lands on Monday and you get a three day weekend? There’s nothing like starting the week with a day off. This should be the case all the time, right? Well, enjoy it when it happens and remember that if there was no Monday, you wouldn’t enjoy the one day vacation so much.

8. Four more days until weekend

You can start making plans for the next weekend right away. So there’s no reason in mourning the days that have just past, because you have something even better to look forward to and a whole week to plan it.


Are you still not happy it’s Monday? We bet you change your mind by the time you’re reading this. Have a happy,creative week!



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