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7 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Energy in the Afternoon - Rivertea Blog

7 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Energy in the Afternoon

| On 30, May 2013

Mornings are easy, you know what you have to do: you wake up and your mug is ready for you to get your caffeine fix, whether it is at home or at the office. You’re happy and ready to face a new day. Then a few hours pass, lunch is over and you feel like you’re right back where you started. So what do you do to get a boost of energy in those long working afternoons, when all you see in front of your eyes is a big, soft bed just waiting for you to nap in?


Don’t think about reaching for the coffee maker again! We’re here to tell you there are better and healthier ways to feel brand new, even after more than a few hours of work.

Here are 7 easy and refreshing tips for you to try where ever you may be: at the office, at school or at home with the kids.


1. Have a big cup of green tea

We could spend hours talking about the benefits of green tea, but today we’re going to focus on the most important one: it’s energy in a cup. Why is that? Well, it does have caffeine, but it’s 70% less than in coffee. In addition, it contains 2 more substances, theobromine and theophylline, and the amino acid L-Theanine. These three combined help calm the nervous system and enhance your concentration abilities. You can drink it with honey and lemon to give it a bit of a taste and there are many varieties to choose from like Gunpowder, Gyokuro or Matcha.  So, you better get your teapot ready!



2. Get moving

You may think moving around can be exhausting, but it’s just the kind of break you need to get back on your feet. Try going outside for 10 minutes and just circle the building a few times, while clearing your head. You can rent a bicycle and go for a ride in the park nearby or lock yourself in your office and do one or two yoga poses.  Physical activity can boost your energy level and get the endorphins flowing, which keeps you happy and productive for the rest of the day.



3. Pamper yourself with a fruit shake

Instead of eating the desert you’re probably going to regret later why not replace it with a tasty fruit shake or smoothie. The blend of minerals and vitamins is just the fuel you need to finish the day off at your best self. Citrus fruits can hook you up with the daily dose of vitamin C that fights off the fatigue. Also, it’s a great way to get rid of your sweetness cravings, if you’re on a diet, and it prevents a sugar high or crash. Make sure you get a big glass, because you’re going to want more!



4. Splash some cold water on your face

This is a great way to recharge your batteries. Why do you think we do it in the morning? If you ladies are afraid to ruin your make-up, pour it on your wrist. It gets your blood circulating and you feeling reinvigorated. While we’re on the subject, dehydration causes tiredness, so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If it’s cold, even better. There’s nothing more natural and healthier than good old h2o!


 5. Indulge yourself with a piece of chocolate

We’ve talked before about avoiding desert, but there’s no harm in a piece of chocolate, especially considering it’s going to give you the kick start you need to meet those deadlines. Chocolate contains tonic substances like caffeine, theobromine and theophylline which have a stimulating physical and psychological effect. Also, the magnesium from it has a relaxing effect allowing you to focus your tasks without having your stress level go through the roof. Yes, there is nothing that makes you happy quite like chocolate does. We recommend dark chocolate, which is better for your brain as it improves your cognitive functions. Now you don’t have to feel guilty anymore about the hidden stash you keep in your desk!



6. Grab a power snack

There’s nothing like an empty stomach to make you feel drowsy and out of the mood. A good healthy snack is the best way to get a pick-me-up in the early evenings, just in time to end your day in an active mode as opposed to just waiting to get home and hiding under the covers. Our suggestions are: yogurt, berries, nuts, a trail mix or granola bars. Add to your grocery list foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or millet. These types of grains burn slowly and provide great energy as well as keep you slim. Now you can get your groove on, even after the working hours!



7. Just laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. We think so too, that’s why we recommend you take it on a daily basis. People believe that a good laugh is similar to a mild workout and we’ve already established how good that is for you. Also, it releases happy endorphins, which help you get rid of all the stress and turn into the upbeat person you should be all the time. Take a break and pay a visit to that colleague next door who everyone says should be a stand-up comedian. Subscribe to a daily email joke or a humor site. Turn that frown upside down is the best advice we could give you!



Now you can know what it is like to have super powers. Try these 7 tips to bright up your afternoons even in the cloudiest of days. Make the most of your time, build up that energy and enjoy your life to the fullest!