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7 Dinner Setting Ideas for Summer Evenings That Will Make You a Great Host - Rivertea Blog

7 Dinner Setting Ideas for Summer Evenings That Will Make You a Great Host

| On 21, May 2013

Imagine an amazing summer dinner party together with your loved ones, enjoying each other’s company and a delicious, home made meal. What bliss! Don’t just plan your dinner party using common food and decorations, dare to be different ! Amaze your guest with lovely and fine table decorations and create a fairy tale atmosphere! Everybody will appreciate your creativity and your refined tastes!

The beautiful summer sunsets and the delightful scent of flowers inspired us, so here are 7 dinner party ideas for memorable summer evenings.


#1 Go Green This Summer

This summer powerful colors are once more in trend and my personal favorite is green. Green is a wonderful statement of optimism and positive thinking, so impress your dinner guests with a table setting having green as star color.

For a stylish touch, use green in combination with white and don’t forget to invite the nature in by setting a flower arrangement on the middle of the table and letting the sun light enter your home. If the sun has already set you can use candle light for an intimate and warm atmosphere.




#2 A Little Summer Romance

If your relationship has turned into routine, it is time to start doing something different. It doesn’t need to be something huge, just invite your partner to a summer dinner party for two with a romantic twist. Use your garden for a refreshing dinner and ignite your imagination engine.

I would suggest using a red color scheme to show the passion and love you are felling and to write small, little romantic notes in order to make your date feel important and loved once more. If you are both choco-maniacs, than use this common passion and buy/prepare some heart shaped truffles or chocolate candies.




#3 Dinner by the Pool

What better way to celebrate the return of this fun season than a dinner party at the pool? Gather round all your friends and simply celebrate life. Maybe after dinner you decide that the atmosphere needs to be refreshed with a bath in the pool.

For this casual party I would advise you to use the classic dinner table arrangements, no fuss , just use for the aesthetics sake a small, but chic flower arrangement on the middle of the table. I would go for all white, but you can use your creativity and select whatever color scheme pleases your eyes




#4 Moroccan Dream

Are you passionate about the Moroccan culture? Why not use that passion to decorate your dinner in a creative, Moroccan inspired way. Your guests will surely be delighted to join you and if you order or even cook yourself a Moroccan dish then you’ll be surely appreciated by all your friends or family.

Be generous with the flowers, use candle light and don’t forget that Moroccans seat on pillows around low tables, so if you want an authentic Moroccan experience you should do the same. Another thing to keep in mind is that Moroccan usually don’t use the knife and fork and eat with their hands, but maybe your guests wouldn’t enjoy such an experience, so I would suggest providing all the necessary tableware.




#5 Sushi Dinner Party

If you’re a fan of Oriental inspired dishes than I am sure you are already familiar with the Japanese sushi. How about inviting your friends over to a Japanese inspired dinner party where you could serve Japanese tea like matcha or sencha, for instance?

Don’t forget to buy chopsticks. If you have some cooking experience you can try preparing sushi on your own. There are many fine and easy-to-do recipes on the internet. If you don’t feel very skilled in the kitchen or you’re not comfortable with the idea of preparing something completely different and new, just make an order to a Japanese restaurant.




#6 Oldie, but Goldie – Beach Dinner

A beach dinner represents a fresh approach to the already classic beach picnic idea. It’s summer, it’s hot, we’re all at the seaside, so why not enjoying a dinner party on the beach?

It could be a very casual approach, nothing fancy, mostly cold dishes.The setting is not complete without candle lights all around. A camp fire should be “la pièce de résistance”. Just have fun!



#7 Futuristic Table Setting

Choose a color scheme, preferably black and white with a reddish touch and enjoy the company of your coworkers.

The plates need to have a square shape and the glasses and cups should have creative and even strange designs, possibly computer inspired. You should be careful with the food also, as it needs to be something original and creative such as highly colorful jelly desert. You can also try inventing a new recipe on your own to impress your guests.



By now you must have the menu already planned and the table setting drafted in your head. Tell us how it went and feel free to share with us photos from your summer dinner parties.


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