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5 Drinks To Have So You Don’t Give Up Coffee - Rivertea Blog

5 Drinks To Have So You Don’t Give Up Coffee

| On 07, Jun 2013

We know coffee is a big part of your life. It’s the first thing you think about after you wake up and, in spite the fact that most would argue against caffeine consumption, you love coffee and you’re probably not even thinking about giving it up.


Coffee may have lots of health benefits like it protects your brain, it’s filled with antioxidants and it’s great for your skin. Though, if you’re worried that you’re drinking too much coffee we have the perfect list of drinks for you to replace your second or third coffee of the day.


1. Pomegranate Juice


A delicious, sweet alternative that is high in vitamins C, E and A and has three times more antioxidants then red wine or green tea. A glass of day of this exotic fruit can do wonders to your health. Pomegranate juice has 160 calories per serving, no fat, no cholesterol, and it’s a good source of potassium. To make it, you can use a blender but don’t mix the seeds up for a long period of time, or they will break apart and create cloudy juice. Our tip is to drink it  chilled, for a refreshing sensation.

2. Teeccino


Teeccino is a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. It comes in various flavors like Almond Amaretto, Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, Java, Original, Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Chai, Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Nut, Chocolate Raspberry,  Dandelion French Roast,  Dandelion Mocha and many more. As it doesn’t have any caffeine, it still gives you a kick. Teeccino provides a natural way to increase your energy via nutrients, not stimulants. Instead of stimulating a stress response, it gives your body the nourishment it needs to be energized in a healthy, balanced way.

3. Yerba Mate


Yerba Mate comes all the way from South America. It’s made by steeping the ground leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant. The drink includes caffeine, but it also has nutrients, like antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. By consuming it, you enhance your ability to focus and your physical endurance, which means you’ll get more dynamic from the food you eat. You can prepare it just as you do with tea, but if you’re looking for a traditional ritual then serve it in a gourd with loose leaf steeped and sip through a filtered straw. That’s how they do it in South America.

4. Milk


Milk is not just for breakfast, you can enjoy it any time of the day. There’s no use telling you how healthy it is, because you already know, but we will recommend you go organic or use goats milk. The latter matches up to the human body better than any other kind of milk. If you’re missing the flavor, then try chocolate milk or add about a tablespoon of your favorite syrup. This way you’ll get your daily dose of calcium and have glowing skin. Also, there’s probably something you didn’t know: milk helps you de-stress. A warm glass relaxes your muscles and calms your nerves.  It’s a great solution that time of the month.

5. Green or Black Tea


Or any tea for that matter! If you want to replace a hot beverage for another, then we will always recommend this leafy drink. The ones high in caffeine may help if you’re feeling like going through withdrawal, but also chamomile or peppermint will relax you. It’s easier to let go of coffee when you have so many tea varieties to choose from. You can probably go weeks without having the same blend. You can drink it hot or iced, there are really no limits.


Well, we’re sure excited about all the options out there! Remember you don’t have to give up your morning treat, just, like everything else, consume it in moderation. And who knows, maybe you’ll find these alternatives even more pleasurable.



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