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10 Most Creative Coffee and Tea Mugs

10 Most Creative Coffee and Tea Mugs
Carmen Rotaru

Tired of the same old daily routine? Then why don’t you spice things up in your own kitchen? Grab a funny, creative cup of tea and start your day with a bang!

There are many mugs out there coming in different sizes, color schemes and so on, but these following 10 creative mugs are truly special. Discover their unique characteristics and choose your favorite to break that annoying daily routine and spice up a little the beginning of your day.

# 1 Ctrl-Alt-Delete Set for Computer Geeks

Nowadays the technology has evolved in a way that computers, laptops and all these new devices out there have become a must-have, especially when work is concerned. This mug set is the perfect metaphor for taking a mental break from the computer. If this combination of buttons refreshes your Windows computer, this combination of mugs will go perfectly with tea for refreshing one’s mind and for an energy boost.

This original three mugs set from Think Geek is perfect for restoring one’s circuits. The stylish and modern design of the cups hides the true face of the set when it is not turned upside down. The plastic cups come either on black or white varieties and look really chic, being perfect for both hot and cold drinks. The stylized circuit-board tray accentuates their true design while keeping the cups neatly arranged.


# 2 My Perfect Cuppa Tea Mug

If you’re a tea newbie and you still have trouble with matching the perfect quantities of milk, sweeteners and other toppings with your tea, then you will be glad to have a complete tea guide right in your mug. This tea mug made of ceramic helps you to create the perfect beverage in just a few minutes using the color matching guide inside.


# 3 Chubby Face Mug

Put a smile on your face from the first moment of the morning and enjoy a black tea and a delicious cookie. With this funny face mug it is even easy to carry your treat around the house or the office. This face mug is perfect for those of you who want a morning or an evening snack with a twist. The mug is really funny with that huge mouth that bites even more that you can chew. The chubby mug is made entirely of porcelain


# 4 Curvaceous Hold Me Cups

A tea cup from JFish Designs which invites the tea enthusiasts to wrap their hands around for a warm drinking experience. Single cups have a unique organic shape perfect for a feeling of comfort and aesthetic pleasure while enjoying the flavor of your favorite tea.

As a set, the cups interact with each other when placed side by side. The cups are slip cast in ceramic stoneware or earthenware and finished with food-safe glazes. They are available in white with contrasting interior colors like vibrant blue or passionate red.


# 5 Tea Code Cup for Tea Relaxation

If you’re a tea bag fan or simply like to enjoy a nice cup of tea at work and bagged tea seems like the natural choice, then the tea code cup from Kedo Design is just perfect for you. The groovy designed mug features a cute button on it with a special purpose: lace up your tea bag around the button for a comfortable and pleasant tea experience.

The cup was not invented just for catching up and enjoying merry moment every afternoon, but also for keeping the tea bag neatly nestling in your cup. Secondly, it’s also pretty smart that the cup has two layers which allow the heat to dissipate a lot better than a single walled cup, eliminating the need for a handle.


# 6 Punch Mug

I would say that the design of this cup is always perfect as a gift for a work colleague to diplomatically say: “I would punch you in the face if you don’t leave me alone during my tea break”.

Now seriously speaking this cup has nothing to do with violence, it’s a nice reminder of how important is to break the daily routine, from time to time. The mug is made of high-fired ivory ceramic and features a slightly concave side, being smoothly rounded rim and steady base.


#7 Gun Mug

Why not go slow in life, live each moment like it is the last one and take time to enjoy a mug full of tea or coffee every day? Just kill your time with a mug like this! Who says time is the master of the Universe?

Designed by Chillichilly, a Hong Kong-based design studio, this mug is made entirely of porcelain having a platinum plated trigger. This mug is made to remind you every day of the importance and of the uniqueness of each moment, so break a little your routine and enjoy your favorite beverage from a mug made as a celebration of life, not of death as you may think when you first lay eyes on it.


# 8 Drink Selector Mug

Tired of always telling people at home or at the office what’s your favorite drink or how do you prefer your tea or coffee? Here’s the solution to your beverage mix up problems: the drink selector mug! How does it work? As simple as twisting the stainless steel metal bands to reveal your drink of choice.

Choose from Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate or Herb Tea on the top band – then Black, White, Cream or Lemon from the middle band – and finally the number of sugars you want at the bottom ranging from 0 (your already sweet enough) to 3 (you will probably be hyper for about an hour and your teeth will fall out pretty soon).


# 9 On/Off Mug

The first thought when you’ll see this mug would be: “What’s so special about it? It’s just a black and white mug with those on/off words on it”, and you’ll be right because the real trick about this mug is to actually use it.

If at the beginning the mug is black with the word off on it, nothing special, after you put in your favorite beverage the mug will change colors and will become white with the word “on” on it. Pretty cool, isn’t it? So turn on your magic cup and enjoy your favorite drink. I would say it goes really well as a gift.


# 10 Link Mugs

Everybody has been there and I don’t think you, dear reader, make an exception. There comes a time when your friends, coworkers or family will ask you to bring them a mug of their favorite beverage. The funny part is that you only have two hands and they are more, so what can be done?

You can always use a tray and spill the drinks or you can do it in a simpler way: use the link mugs. Each mug in the set has an elegantly formed cross on the side of each mug fits neatly into the next, forming a self supporting row of up to 6 mugs. So there’s no tray, no mess and absolutely no fuss. The concept is the creation of Yanko Design.


Dare to simply change something during a day, to spice up a little bit your life and do something different  even if that means to simply buy a creative mug and haveyour favorite drink from it before you go to work. What mug do you think would inspire you to smile and feel good each morning?

We’ll soon launch our new incredible tasty tea blends. Join us, there are lots of special gifts waiting for you.