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10 Beautiful Spring Tea Sets - Rivertea Blog

| On 01, Apr 2013

Spring is already here and a garden tea party might be just what you need after a long winter. So get your tea sets out and invite your friends. Here are some suggestions on what’s hot this spring when it comes to tea ware. 

#1 Vintage Bavaria 1900’s Hand Painted “Pink, Blue, Yellow, & Lavender Daisies” Tea Set

This beautiful vintage 1900’s Bavaria Hand Painted Floral Tea Set with matching Trivet comes from a Chicago Area Estate. The beautiful set comprises matching tea pot and lid, creamer, and trivet.


The hand painted floral set has all the hallmarks of being decorated by an early professional Chicago Decorating Studio. The set displays hand painted “Pink, Blue, Yellow, & Lavender Daisies” on stem and leaf against a soft pastel background of creme yellow, creme burnt orange, and hints of a creme blue. The seat also features heavy gilded gold on the handles, finials, rims, and inner rims.

This is a perfect set for a classic tea party with hints of history, elegance and good taste. I would personally use it only on special occasions because it is highly valuable, being a vintage piece.

#2 Aynsley Bone China England Flowery Tea Set

This is a lovely and colorful floral tea set from the historic company, Aynsley Bone China England. The set contains 15 pieces which include 4 cups ( + extra 2 cups), 4 saucers ( + extra  saucer), 4 side plates, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and a cake plate.


Aynsley started as a small family business which has grown into one of greatest British trademarks. The Aynsley brand was established by John Aynsley in 1775 in a small pottery in Lane End, later known as Longton, in Staffordshire. He was initially known as an enameller which indicates that he was a decorator rather than a manufacturer to begin with. Aynsley tableware continues to be made in the traditional way. Plates and cups  are formed onto moulds,  vegetable dishes , soup tureens, tea pots and bowls are hand cast using liquid clay or ‘slip’. Handles are hand cast and applied. Decoration is by hand applied lithographic transfers or hand enamelling and hand gilding.

#3 Reutter Porcelain Flower Fairies Large Tea Set

This is a children’s tea set which will make both adults and kids happy. It is made by the renowned Reutter Porzellan company in Germany, being a high quality porcelain tea set perfect for children, but not a mini-size set as you may think, but a demi-size, perfect for little hands, but for adults as well.


Each piece is adorned with different fairy images by artist Cicely Mary Barker. This lovely Flower Fairy Porcelain Tea Set includes the storage picnic basket, tea pot, creamer, sugar server, 4 demi-tasse tea cups, 4 saucers, 4 plates, and 4 spoons.

#4 Vintage Oriental Tea Set

This is a oriental design tea set perfect for a spring afternoon if you look to the beautiful plants and flowers painted on the pieces. It is a soft faience set in very good condition dated as to early 1900’s. The flaws of this tea set are slightly visible as you can find some traces of darkening and a small chip to the creamer.


The tea set contains a teapot, a creamer, a cup, a plate and sugar holder. It is a lovely enameled set with bamboo shaped handle, perfect to remind us of nature and spring.

#5 Vintage Geisha Girl Tea Set

If you’re an Asian culture lover you will find this beautiful vintage porcelain hand painted tea set irresistible. It is perfect to recreate the ancient Japanese atmosphere, the purity of spirit and the beauty and intelligence of geishas. You can find this lovely, ancient tea set on


The vender says the teapot and cups have some cracks here and there, but these cracks don’t take away the amazing beauty of the drawing, a pink, red and green hand painting depicting the ancient tea ceremony performed by geishas. The tea set contains four cups and a tea pot.

#6 Vintage Japanese Flowers and Birds Tea Set

We are still in the tea home land area and by that we mean the Asian culture. This is another vintage Asian tea set which shows the amazing skills of the Japanese for hand painted, unique tea ware. The combination between pale green and brown of the background plus the vibrant colored flowers and birds make this tea set pleasing to the eye and perfect for a spring tea party as it seems it is inviting the nature inside to blossom.


#7 Vintage Miss Priss Kitty Cat Tea Set

If you’re a pet lover and a tea enthusiast, you may have the chance to combine these two passions of yours into what I would call a “kitty frenzy” . This vintage set by Lefton was created to make its owner and guests smile all the way into a nice and relaxing afternoon tea party. The tea set features bright colors, flower details and really sweet kitten faces which will surely put a big smile upon your face, being a real collector’s piece.


There are four pieces in this set, a tea pot, cream , sugar and jelly pots. The tea set was made in Japan and dated to the ‘60s.

#8 Vintage Orchid Tea Set

Orchid was drawn by William Moorcroft in 1937 and developed by Walter Moorcroft in 1947. These early muted tones with the subtle shadings that go from a soft light green to a deep blue/green are perfect for a tea spring session.  All 3 pieces are impressed with the mark “Moorcroft Made In England”.


This is a three piece vintage tea set which has a tea pot, a sugar bowl and a creamer. This Moorcroft tea set is a beauty and perfect for the discerning collector of Moorcroft pottery.

#9 Original Hand Painted Tea Set

This is an original hand painted tea set made by American ceramic artist, Outi Harma. The beautiful combination of passionate red, vibrant yellow and light blue seem to describe a lovely, sunny and quiet spring morning. This ceramic tea set seems to be spreading an optimistic vibe. The tea set contains a tea pot, 4 cups and a matching serving tray.


#10 Contemporary Porcelain Tea Set

Who says tea sets cannot feature a contemporary touch? If you’re tired with classic or vintage, this will surely be to your taste. This beautiful contemporary porcelain set by Heinrich Wang was displayed at La Triennale di Milano in April 2012.


The set contains a tea pot and a tea cup of pure white color and a design which wants to embrace the global fashion boundaries and to mingle the confidence of a new century, of an amazing future with the spirit of an ancient civilization. The designer Heinrich Wang says he was inspired by Chinese philosophy, legends and symbols wanting to reach through his creations the inner peace of an ancient civilization.

What would you choose for your tea party, classic, vintage, oriental or contemporary tea ware? Tell us what is your favorite and feel free to share with us any other tea sets suggestions.


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