African Star (Lemon Rooibos Tea) 088

If you’re throwing an amazing tea party and you want to impress your guests with cozy, delicious teas then you’ll definitely want to have on the menu this irresistible African Star Rooibos blend. Satisfy the pickiest of palates with this unpredictable fruity rooibos character. This blend plays with a fruity profile, inviting tropical flavors like juicy mango and pineapple, and also sweet cherries and sour lemon flavors for a punchy delight. Without warning, the cool, refreshing peppermint charms your senses once again.

  • Ingredients: Rooibos Tea, Pineapple bits, Mango bits, Apple trester, Hazelnut leaves, Natural flavouring, Sour cherry halves, Sunflower blossoms, Rose blossom leaves, Rose hip peels, Mallow blossoms, Marigold blossoms, Peppermint leaves.

1 tsp
5-8 min

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African Star (Lemon Rooibos Tea) 088.


Very pleased!

I use to brew myself a cup of rooibos tea usually in the evening. After I stumbled upon this shop, I can't wait to try all the rooibos blends they have. This is the first I picked and I like it very much! All those ingredients make it complex and sophisticated. I think it will become my new companion for evening readings.

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    African Star (Lemon Rooibos Tea) 088

    African Star (Lemon Rooibos Tea) 088

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